Hi, I’m Tiffeny. Your Self-Awareness Coach.

Are you seeking a better relationship? Yet you are struggling to create it. Are you wanting some guidance and support when you put the tools and habits in practice? Yet have not found anyone who will TRULY be there every step of the way. Are you seeking real deep relationships? Then join me on a 6 week action based course. Backed by science evidence-based research Filled with tools and no BS feedback. If you are serious about creating a better life, take this 6 week course and/or have me coach you all the way through.

6 weeks

Week 1

Getting to know yourself, your personality and core values. Understanding what you like and dislike about getting to know to others.

Week 4

Learning how to be vulnerable and why its critical in getting to know others. Narrowing in on who you want to get to know.

Week 2

Learning to receive perspective of our behavior and others. Identifying the emotion you want to feel after leaving a conversation. And flowing from Superficial to Deep conversation.

Week 5

Learning how to ask thought provoking questions. Understanding how different setting will influence the conversation.

Week 3

Learning how to observe others in conversation. What true active listening is and how to not center yourself in conversation.

Week 6

Learn how to probe someone to empower themselves. How to know the right time to interject in conversation. And remain true to yourself.


“Tiffeny’s warmth and openness was what drew me to strike up a conversation with her after a yoga class. Since that time I have been drawn to her authenticity and curiosity about how we relate and build awareness of ourselves. I have explored friendship, business ideas and participated in conversations on her podcast ‘Get To Know You”. I find her insightful and always learn more about myself, others and her every time we communicate. Her willingness to research, blend science and philosophy and question everything, including herself, is the bedrock of what she has to offer the world. I am excited about more ways for people to listen, learn and engage with Tiffeny.”

Education consultant

Leanne Groves

“With an overwhelming abundance of information available, it can be hard to know where to start in improving your self awareness and communication skills. I found the get to know you course to be an easy to understand, flexible and accessible way for me to do this. Tiffeny’s insights have helped me to begin cultivating stronger relationships, and to my surprise, the course has also improved the way I make professional connections.”


Ben Altonen

Let’s build something great together.