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You know about IQ and EQ, but have you heard about RQ?
Relational Intelligence (RQ) guides you in your actions and behaviors in relation to others.

Become Self-aware with The Get To Know You Podcast

Find out why this is the #1 self-awareness podcast and how you can improve ALL your relationships with Tiffeny.

Every tool backed by science evidence-based articles from reputable journals.

About Tiffeny Farag

You can have a better life. It starts and ends with self- awareness. Tiffeny will show you how.

Tiffeny has been provoking the worlds mind, making people wake up and think about their words, actions and its impact on others. Provoking introspection with flow and creating enriching moments in the lives of her guest speakers, listeners and students of the podcast.

I rarely listen to podcasts but Tiffeny’s is a treat, listen to one episode and you’ll be hooked! You rarely come away from a podcast enlightened and uplifted, but this one is gives you both. I love the thought provoking questions and the incredible guests. Thank you for creating such and incredible podcast!


I’m being serious! This is the best podcast out there!!! Tiffeny and her guest have those conversations I’ve always wished to have; bringing new perspectives and ideas to deep concepts. My favorite part is the layout – Cafes with a different guest on each episode, going even deeper. I absolutely love this podcast!!

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Tiffeny connects with each leading guest in a way they both forget its a podcast and you hear how a vulnerable foundation is built.

Tiffeny learned through curiosity to understand her self and others better. Curiosity that took her around the world meeting new people having meaningful conversation. Asking questions that made you think and reflect  discovering the tools and research that transformed her life.

Tiff’s intention with the Get To Know You podcast is: to teach you how to provoke introspection within conversation to empower yourself and others and increase self-awareness. Take a listen to Tiff’s podcast and you will learn, grow, laugh and create a meaningful life -with better relationships. One step at a time.

The #1 Self-awareness Podcast

Tune in and buckle up – your life is about to change. New episodes of the Get To Know You podcast drop every Tuesday (to get you growing) and Thursday (where you join the conversation).

Tiff’s evidence based research gives you tips, tools and habits that she discusses with professionals from all over the world. To get you through your week feeling connected, seen and heard.

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