Hi, I’m Tiffeny. Host of the Get To Know You Podcast.

Eight years ago I experienced pain in the form of a mental and emotional slap in the face. I couldn’t understand that people didn’t need you to do or say anything, for them to believe what they wanted to about you. I started asking questions, why people behave the way they do, why do people say what they say. I started my obsession with self-awareness and having deep meaningful conversations.

My intention is simple: to share proven science backed tools that empower you to develop better enriching relationships. And, make you feel supported and encouraged through your journey. A community where you feel you belong and grow with like minded people. I figure if I can collate all the ongoing books and journal articles I have read and add something helpful in your life then I can go to sleep at peace.


  • Completed 3 Science Medical degrees.
  • Reached thousands of people through the Get To Know You podcast.
  • Completed a Vipassana Silent Meditation Retreat.
  • Walked 119km from Ferrol to Santiago in Spain.

I’m most proud of the impact my self-awareness podcast is making on myself, the guest speakers and the listeners. Provoking introspection is a rare and valuable skill that can enhance your life and the life of your community.

Thank you for for reading this, and for allowing me into your life. It truly is an incredible strength to show your vulnerability.

Getting started can be the hardest part.

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